February 6, 2024

Discipleship Explored starting this weekend

Discipleship Explored starting this weekend

It’s easy to make a list of the things Christians do — go to church, read the Bible, pray, share the gospel — but that doesn’t really tell us much about what the experience of following Jesus is actually like. That’s where Discipleship Explored comes in.

The series is based on the Bible book of Philippians and is full of human stories from every continent about the reality of being a Christian in today’s world. Discipleship Explored invites us on a journey to discover a new way of living, centred on incredible love.

The structure of each session is simple: a short Bible study, a talk (you can give your own using our talk outlines or use our films) and a discussion based on the talk.

This course will begin on Sunday 11th February at 7pm at Elmwood Church. You are very welcome to join!

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