May 16, 2024

The Cost of Following Jesus

The Cost of Following Jesus

The day ‘Abeda’ came to faith in Jesus Christ was the joyous culmination of a difficult time in her life. The Ethiopian mother had been suffering from a life-threatening illness when she had a dream of Jesus.

As a result of her night-time experience, she decided to put her trust in Christ and shortly after she realised she had been miraculously healed! But the joy of coming to know Christ as her Saviour and Lord was quickly followed by her experiencing the cost of becoming a Christian from a Muslim background.

Abeda's husband kicked her and their six-year-old daughter out of the family home - and began treating his own daughter as if she had been fathered by another man. This brought Abeda into conflict with the whole local community. Shamed, ostracised and hated by her own family she and her daughter had to move away from the area.

Abeda's experience is not unusual. Despite Christianity being the largest religion in Ethiopia there are parts of the country where Christians face violent persecution especially those who convert from Islam. This hostility is directed to Christians in many Muslim countries, and other parts of the world where they are hated for their faith in Jesus

In many countries Christians face discrimination, financial hardship, opposition and threats from family, the community, and the authorities. In some countries terrorist groups actively target Christians with intimidation, violence, and many are killed for their faith. They need to know they are not alone and their Christian family worldwide cares for and supports them  

There are several Christian organisations which support persecuted believers. One of them is Release International based in the UK, which helps to support and care for the families of those imprisoned or martyred for their faith.

You too can be involved:

·  by praying for our Christian brother sand sisters.

Release produces a free quarterly magazine with accounts of the personal experience of believers in different countries and includes “Prayershield” a leaflet with a different prayer point each day for individuals/projects in countries where there is persecution;

·  by writing to a prisoner of faith;

·  by giving to the work of Release  

·  by raising awareness of the situations and needs of believers living under persecution

Contact Release International via their website at or by calling 01689 823491. They will be happy to provide further information and resources they have available. Alternatively, contact John Elton (Elmwood’s church representative for Release International) via the contact link on Elmwood’s home page

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